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Armed Forces

During his famous Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln said that America is a nation “conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” He proceeded to question whether or not such a nation “can long endure.” The testing ground for such a nation, as he observed, was not in the halls of academia or before the high courts. Rather, Americans prove defend their nation’s existence on the field of battle.

Since the conception of America, the United States military has stood as a line of defense between the American people and those who would see this great land conquered. During World War 2, it was the American military that crumbled the fascist war machines of Europe. Even today in Iraq and Afghanistan, our troops are fighting to rid the world of the disease that is radical militant Islam.

Edmund Burke once said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The United States military is our nation’s promise to both ourselves and our neighbors that evil will never triumph.

The men and women who volunteer to stand downrange of enemy fire deserve our prayers.

Featured Member of the Armed Forces for Prayer

General Joseph Votel, Commander, United States Central Command

Joseph L. Votel attended the United States Military Academy and was commissioned in 1980. During his time in the Army, he has held many responsibilities and led many groups, including a Ranger Regiment during Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq.

He has served in the offices of the Deputy Secretary of Defense in Washington, D.C., and most recently as Deputy Commanding General, Joint Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. On June 24, 2014, Votel, a four-star general, was nominated by President Barack Obama to succeed Admiral William McRaven as the tenth Commander of the United States Special Operations Command. He is currently the Commander of the United States Central Command.

Votel is married and the father of two.



At an event sponsored by the Foreign Policy Initiative in Washington, General Joseph Votel, CentCom Commander, said the United States and its allies were reaping the benefits of a military training program in Syria. The program is an integral part of President Obama’s overall strategy to eliminate the Islamic State from Syria and the rest of the Middle East.

The 30,000-member Syrian Democratic Forces, trained and equipped by U.S. special operations advisers, are gaining ground toward Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State’s self-styled caliphate, General Votel said. The assault on Raqqa will be one of the early major military challenges for the Trump Administration. That is why the general urged the Trump Administration to abandon its campaign comment and “handing over” the Syrian conflict, and retain the training and equipping of Syrian moderate forces.