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Armed Forces

Armed Forces

During his famous Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln said that America is a nation “conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” He proceeded to question whether or not such a nation “can long endure.” The testing ground for such a nation, as he observed, was not in the halls of academia or before the high courts. Rather, Americans prove defend their nation’s existence on the field of battle.

Since the conception of America, the United States military has stood as a line of defense between the American people and those who would see this great land conquered. During World War 2, it was the American military that crumbled the fascist war machines of Europe. Even today in Iraq and Afghanistan, our troops are fighting to rid the world of the disease that is radical militant Islam.

Edmund Burke once said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The United States military is our nation’s promise to both ourselves and our neighbors that evil will never triumph.

The men and women who volunteer to stand downrange of enemy fire deserve our prayers.

Through the “Adopt our Troops” program, you can both register and adopt a specific member of America’s armed forces in prayer. What greater gift could you provide these troops than intercession on behalf of our omnipotent God?

Please take the time to adopt one of these soldiers and pray for them every day. If you know a specific member of the military, please register them. More than anything we could personally give them, our troops need our support through prayer.

Featured Member of the Armed Forces for Prayer

PrayFocusArmedForcesAshton Carter, Secretary of Defense

Ashton Baldwin “Ash” Carter was born in September 1954 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Abington High School, and attended Edinburgh University in Scotland. He received a B.A. in double-majors of Physics and Medieval History from Yale University. He became a Rhodes Scholar and studied at the University of Oxford, from which he received his doctorate in Theoretical Physics. He was subsequently a postdoctoral fellow research associate in theoretical physics at Rockefeller University. He then became a research fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for International Studies.

Carter taught at Harvard University in both the Center for Science and International Affairs and the John F. Kennedy School of Government. He became Chair of the International and Global Affairs faculty at Kennedy, and a Ford Foundation Professor of Science and International Affairs. Concurrently, he was Co-Director of the Preventive Defense Project of Harvard and Stanford Universities.

Carter served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy during President Clinton’s first term. He was Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics during the early Obama years, and most recently Deputy Secretary of Defense. He was the chief operating officer for the Department of Defense, overseeing the annual budget and three million civilian and military personnel.

Carter was nominated by President Obama to be Secretary of Defense in December 2014. He was approved unanimously by the Senate Armed Services Committee and in the full Senate, confirmed by a vote of 93-5.

He is married to Stephanie DeLeeuw Carter. He was previously married to Clayton Spencer with whom he has two grown children.

IN THE NEWS: Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work introduced the new Secretary to an all-hands gathering at the Pentagon auditorium, citing the new Defense Secretary’s “deep understanding of our business, of our shared enterprise, of organizing and training and equipping an organization [and] a fighting force that is ready for war and operating forward to preserve the peace.” When Carter took the podium, he proclaimed that his first commitment is for “the greatest fighting force the world has ever known, and the finest and most decent fighting force the world has ever known.” He detailed how he sees the job and what he’ll be doing, and detailed his commitments and priorities. A primary role in the job, he said, is to assist the president and the national leadership in making decisions that will keep the nation safe, and protect the country and its friends and allies now and into the future. “I intend to be very active in doing that,” he said.