Thursday, February 11, 2016
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Executive Branch

As it relates to the checks and balances of our American government, the Executive Branch is responsible for the daily administration of the state bureaucracy. The head of the Executive Branch is the President of the United States. Underneath the President are the several Departments that have been created by Executive Order. The Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Justice are just a few examples of these subgroups within the Executive Branch. The representative leaders of these departments are collectively known as the President’s “Cabinet” of advisors.

Since the Executive Branch of our government is in charge of administrating the affairs of the nation, it is important to keep them in our prayers. The Executive Branch directs the general political flow of the federal government.

Featured Member of the Executive Branch for Prayer

PrayFocusExecutiveSally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior

Sarah Margaret Roffe “Sally” Jewell was born in February 1956 in London, England. Her family moved to the United States when she was age 4, and settled in Washington. She graduated from Renton High School, and earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. Jewell worked for Mobil Oil on oil fields in Oklahoma and four years, and then entered the banking industry.

An avid outdoorswoman, she sat on the boards of the National Parks Conservation Association, and other environmentally-related groups. She was nominated by President Obama to be Secretary of the Interior, and has held that post since April 2013. Because she was born in the United Kingdom, although a naturalized American citizen, Jewell is not eligible to hold a place within the presidential line of succession, which the Secretary of Interior normally would.

She is married to Warren Jewell, also an engineer, and they have two adult children.

IN THE NEWS: As part of a new Administration earthquake-preparedness effort, private foundation grants will fund new research at universities in California and Washington State, the Forest Service will streamline the placement of seismic monitoring stations, and a presidential order will tighten standards for new federal buildings. The White House will hold an “Earthquake Resiliency Summit,” a program convening some of the nation’s leading seismologists, as well as executives from public agencies ranging from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. In theory, early warnings of even a few seconds could help slow trains, shut pipelines, alert first responders, reroute power and protect public safety in other ways during an emergency that experts consider inevitable. Even an alert between a few seconds up to a couple minutes ahead of strong shaking coming from a distance could be enough time to save lives, said Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.

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Thursday February 11, 2016

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Executive Branch Prayer Needs


President Barack Obama’s final budget proposal is a clarion call for progressivism – $4 trillion spending that would pour billions into clean energy, Medicaid and education, paying for it taxes on big banks and the wealthy.

CIA Director John Brennan said the violence and instability of the Middle East and its unprecedented bloodshed and human suffering was the worst it has been in 50 years, beginning with the Arab Spring until ISIS of today.

Pray for the Obama Administration as it deals with domestic needs and international relationships.