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Executive Branch

As it relates to the checks and balances of our American government, the Executive Branch is responsible for the daily administration of the state bureaucracy. The head of the Executive Branch is the President of the United States. Underneath the President are the several Departments that have been created by Executive Order. The Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Justice are just a few examples of these subgroups within the Executive Branch. The representative leaders of these departments are collectively known as the President’s “Cabinet” of advisors.

Since the Executive Branch of our government is in charge of administrating the affairs of the nation, it is important to keep them in our prayers. The Executive Branch directs the general political flow of the federal government.

Featured Member of the Executive Branch for Prayer

PrayFocusExecutiveJohn Brennan, Director, Central Intelligence Agency

John Owen Brennan was born in September 1955 in North Bergen, New Jersey. He attended the Immaculate Heart of Mary Elementary School and graduated from Saint Joseph of the Palisades High School in West New York, New Jersey, before enrolling at Fordham University. At Fordham he earned a B.A. in Political Science. He spent his junior year abroad learning Arabic and taking Middle Eastern studies courses at the American University in Cairo. He received an M.A. in Government from the University of Texas at Austin. He speaks Arabic fluently.

Brennan has 25 years with the Central Intelligence Agency, working as a Near East and South Asia analyst, as station chief in Saudi Arabia, and as director of the National Counterterrorism Center. He left government service to become CEO of a security consulting business, and served as Chairman of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, an association of intelligence professionals.

President Obama nominated Brennan as Director of the CIA in January 2013. He was approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee in March. Despite a 13-hour filibuster by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Brennan was confirmed by the full Senate. When Obama security adviser John Brennan was sworn into office as chief of the Central Intelligence Agency on March 8, 2013, he put his hand not on a Bible, but on a copy of the Constitution – before it included the Bill of Rights.

Brennan is married to Kathy Pokluda Brennan and they have a son and twin daughters.

IN THE NEWS: A new proposal to essentially replicate the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center and other similar entities in the agency is under consideration by CIA Director John Brennan. The agency has had an expanded role and influence since the September 11, 2001 attacks. U.S. officials emphasized that the proposal to separate spying and analysis divisions by creating hybrid units focused on individual regions and threats is in its preliminary stage, and could still be scaled back or even discarded. Already the idea has encountered opposition from current and former officials who have voiced concern that it would be too disruptive and might jeopardize critical capabilities and expertise. But if Brennan moves forward, officials said, the changes would be among the most ambitious in CIA history – potentially creating individual centers focused on China, Latin America and other regions or issues for which personnel are now dispersed across different parts of the agency. Brennan did not delineate any specific plans, but he expressed concern that existing divisions undermine the CIA’s effectiveness at a time when “the need for integration has never been greater” and more of the agency’s missions “cut across our organizational boundaries.”

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Friday November 28, 2014

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Executive Branch Prayer Needs


President Obama was forced by hecklers to pare down on speech this week in Chicago aimed at selling his immigration plans. “It doesn’t make much sense to yell at me right now,” he told them.

The federal government’s investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown remains “ongoing,” Attorney General Eric Holder said after a grand jury declined to indict the police officer charged with the killing in Ferguson, Missouri.

Pray for President Obama and his cabinet and advisers as they plot his agenda for his final two years in office.