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Executive Branch

As it relates to the checks and balances of our American government, the Executive Branch is responsible for the daily administration of the state bureaucracy. The head of the Executive Branch is the President of the United States. Underneath the President are the several Departments that have been created by Executive Order. The Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Justice are just a few examples of these subgroups within the Executive Branch. The representative leaders of these departments are collectively known as the President’s “Cabinet” of advisors.

Since the Executive Branch of our government is in charge of administrating the affairs of the nation, it is important to keep them in our prayers. The Executive Branch directs the general political flow of the federal government.

Featured Member of the Executive Branch for Prayer

PrayFocusExecutiveSylvia Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services

Sylvia Mary Mathews Burwell was born in June 1965 in Hilton, West Virginia. As a youth, she was an exchange student in Japan. She received a bachelor’s degree in Government from Harvard University, and a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University, where she was a Rhodes Scholar.

While in college, she worked as a Congressional intern and as an aide to Massachusetts Governor Michal Dukakis. She was Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Chief of Staff to Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. She also served as Staff Director for the National Economic Council. In March 2013, President Obama named Burwell to head the White House Office of Management and Budget and she was confirmed by the Senate with a 96-0 vote.

She was nominated by President Obama to succeed Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services in April 2014.

She is married to Stephen Burwell, an attorney, and they have two children.

IN THE NEWS: The Affordable Care Act, also called ObamaCare, was upheld by the Supreme Court Thursday in a 6-3 decision. The Court ruled that the general context and structure of the law means Congress intended financial assistance to be available to residents of all states, and it is not dependent on how states’ exchanges are managed. As a flurry of statements and reactions immediately manifested themselves, one especially imperative statement was released by Sylvia M. Burwell, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Burwell expressed her views on “what comes next for the ACA.” She calls the decision a positive one and says healthcare dollars will be spent more wisely than ever before. Thursday’s “Supreme Court decision confirms that the Affordable Care Act’s tax credits are available to all eligible Americans no matter where they live. Americans in all 50 states and the District of Columbia can continue to rely on the security and peace of mind that come with affordable, quality health care coverage,” stated Burwell. “Six million Americans and their families will sleep easier, knowing they will still be able to afford health coverage. Millions more won’t have to worry about an upward spiral in their premiums because of today’s decision, even if they didn’t buy their insurance through the Marketplace,” she maintained.

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Sunday July 5, 2015

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Executive Branch Prayer Needs


President Obama announced the U.S. and Cuba have reached a deal to re-establish full diplomatic ties and open embassies that were shuttered five decades ago in a historic effort to normalize relations with the Cuban government.

The White House is issuing rules that would make all salaried workers who earn up to $50,000 annually eligible for overtime pay, affecting some 5 million people, triggering a massive economic fight with groups.

Pray for President Obama and members of his Administration as they deal with foreign and domestic matters.