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Executive Branch

As it relates to the checks and balances of our American government, the Executive Branch is responsible for the daily administration of the state bureaucracy. The head of the Executive Branch is the President of the United States. Underneath the President are the several Departments that have been created by Executive Order. The Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Justice are just a few examples of these subgroups within the Executive Branch. The representative leaders of these departments are collectively known as the President’s “Cabinet” of advisors.

Since the Executive Branch of our government is in charge of administrating the affairs of the nation, it is important to keep them in our prayers. The Executive Branch directs the general political flow of the federal government.

Featured Member of the Executive Branch for Prayer

PrayFocusExecutiveMargaret A. Hamburg MD, Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration

Margaret A. Hamburg was born in July 1955 in Chicago, Illinois. Both of her parents are physicians. She is a graduate of Radcliffe College, and earned her M.D. from Harvard Medical School, and completed her training at the New York Hospital/Cornell University Medical Center.

She served at the U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, and was assistant director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases where her work focused on AIDS research. She left the National Institutes of Health to serve as Deputy Health Commissioner for New York City and within a year was promoted to Health Commissioner.

She served as Vice President for Biological Programs at the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a foundation dedicated to reducing the threat to public safety from nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Dr. Hamburg became the Commissioner of Food and Drugs in May 2009, only the second woman to be nominated for the position.

She is married to Peter Fitzhugh Brown, an artificial intelligence researcher, and they have two children. She is Jewish.

IN THE NEWS: A day after news broke that seven patients at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center had been infected by a drug-resistant “superbug” since last fall, the Food and Drug Administration warned that a particular endoscope can be difficult to fully sanitize. Two of the patients infected died, and public health authorities are tracking down nearly 200 others who might have been exposed to the dangerous bacteria through the use of the contaminated medical scopes. The endoscopes are used in hundreds of thousands of procedures each year in the U.S. to drain fluids from pancreatic and bile ducts blocked by cancer tumors, gallstones and other conditions. Doctors consider them an important tool in detecting and treating medical problems early and in a minimally invasive way. Earlier this month, Senator Patty Murray of Washington wrote to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, urging the agency to publicly address this issue. The agency believes that continued availability of these devices is still in the best interest of public health.

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Sunday March 1, 2015

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Executive Branch Prayer Needs


President Obama vetoed legislation authorizing construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, rebuffing the new Republican-led Congress. He promises this is the first of many vetoes to come on legislation from this Congress.

President Obama is directing the Department of Labor to proceed with new rules that would rein in conflicts of interest among Wall Street brokers who advise clients on retirement investments.

Pray about the easing of the hardened relationship between President Obama and the Congress.