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Inside Washington

What happens in the halls of national government – for better or for worse – can dictate the future course of America. Along with your fellow Prayer Team members, you are to be constantly and fervently interceding for all the men and women who serve in Congress, for your military leaders in the Pentagon, and for the President of the United States, his cabinet and administration.

“Inside Washington” will equip you to do just that … with reports on the nation’s leaders and the decisions they’re considering … or have already made. We’ll examine the implications for the nation, and call you to specific prayer for those needs.

Dems Slow-Dancing Trump’s Move to White House

Inside Washington

How far will they take obstructions?

By Diane Markins

Will Democrats give democracy a fair shake or will they highjack the process? Although Republicans won this presidential contest in a fair, democratic election, many on the left don’t want to let the new administration move into position.

Some are using nuanced language, like the interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, who said President-elect Donald Trump has "enormous opportunity" to find common ground with Democrats in Washington. She followed that with a less subtle remark: "If it’s ‘my way or the highway,’ what you’re going to see again is another round of gridlock in Washington, D.C. You’re going to see retribution and retaliation."

Others don’t even pretend that they plan to be cooperative. They want to slam the door in the face of any progress the new administration tries to make.

"If Republicans think we’re going to quickly greenlight their nominees to fill up this rigged Cabinet without a thorough review, they have another thing coming," Matt House said. House is the spokesman for Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY).

The Democrats are using a bit of "creative thinking" to slow the roll of confirming President-elect Trump’s Cabinet choices. They want documents from nominees that are beyond precedent and Schumer asked that no confirmation hearings be conducted simultaneously.

The first 100 days are a big deal to incoming presidents. They expect to get their staff and cabinet in place and show the people who elected them (and those who didn’t) that they’re taking action to fulfill campaign promises. When there is opposition, it all comes to a grinding halt.

The "new guy" is in and entitled to be the boss, so why the fuss about standard procedures and appointments? Because the left doesn’t want to see any of the changes likely coming and slowing things down is an easy tactic in the world of politics. The slow dance Democrats are trying to force won’t likely change much but could cost the GOP several weeks of high-value time on the Senate floor.

"The coin of the realm of the U.S. Senate is chamber time. And through obstructionist tactics, they will sap that chamber time, and we have to figure out ways to create it," said Sen. Thom Tillis (R., NC) in a recent piece on

So, what will they do to expedite their progress? "Whatever it takes," to get Trump his team as quickly as possible, according to South Dakota Sen. John Thune.

"The Senate can stay in session around the clock; we can stay through the weekend," said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn from Texas, in a comment on Politico. "If [Democrats] want to stay here and demonstrate that they’re obstructionists rather than try to work in good faith … then I think they’ll pay a price for that."

There is a reminder in 1 Peter 2:17 to "Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor." It appears that "proper respect" is in short supply. It might not be a street fight, but both sides are talking a lot of smack. How far they’ll take this and what their level of stamina and commitment are, remains to be seen.

Standing firm about things you believe in is an admirable character trait. Many on the left are simply doing this in a reasonable manner. Others, however, have no desire to compromise or bring about unity. Their views are so blindly and passionately held that they share one common goal: oppose everything the new administration wants to accomplish. Everything! This is the very definition of obstructionism.

As per the usual, Hollywood celebrities are adding their brand of fuel to the fire on the left. Stars like Sally Field, Rosie Perez and Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire"), are demanding Congress to "vigorously oppose" any of President-elect Trump’s "racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-worker, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-environmental policies." That’s a lot of "antis." These folks believe that anything Mr. Trump intends to do falls under one of the above, so the message is simple: Stop Trump. They believe he has no positive ideas or plans.

But remember, a whole lot of people disagree with their views. They elected him.

If assembling a cabinet is this challenging, one can only imagine the battles and opposition ahead, especially repealing Obamacare.

The United States will be much more "united" if elected officials are respectful of one another as well as the transitional process both parties have installed.

Please pray God would:


 Diane Markins is a conference speaker and book author. She hosted a Christian radio show and writes a popular blog, helping people learn the value and accessibility of contentment. Diane lives near her children and grandbabies in Phoenix with her husband of 37 years.

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