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Inside Washington

What happens in the halls of national government – for better or for worse – can dictate the future course of America. Along with your fellow Prayer Team members, you are to be constantly and fervently interceding for all the men and women who serve in Congress, for your military leaders in the Pentagon, and for the President of the United States, his cabinet and administration.

“Inside Washington” will equip you to do just that … with reports on the nation’s leaders and the decisions they’re considering … or have already made. We’ll examine the implications for the nation, and call you to specific prayer for those needs.

Rolling the Dice Over Nukes

Inside Washington

Four more Democratic Congressmen oppose Iran deal

By Dr. Tom Askew

While Congressional vote-counters have been busy sizing up the likelihood that President Obama’s Iran nuclear treaty will pass federal muster, a newly disclosed “side agreement” to the nuclear arms pact enables the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to exempt Iran from normal inspection protocols. Local Iranian inspectors will perform the U.N. required “inspections,” from which many sites are exempted, at Iran’s insistence, in order to protect “military security.”

This “side agreement,” was reportedly leaked to the Associated Press (AP) by an undisclosed Washington official. Response to the AP disclosure suggests that no one in the federal government was aware that the treaty the President is asking Congress to endorse makes such a concession to Iran, one which the IAEA says is unprecedented in any other nuclear-capable nation.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas has already gone on record pointing out the danger of this agreement. “Trusting Iran to inspect its own nuclear site and report to the U.N. in an open and transparent way is remarkably naive and incredibly reckless,” stated Cornyn, to which House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi responded, “I truly believe in this agreement.”

Meanwhile, in Washington …

Several leading Democratic congressmen have bolted from the party line in the past two weeks, decrying the president’s proposed treaty with Iran.  

New York Senator Chuck Schumer, the leading Jewish Democrat in the Senate, announced his opposition last week to the nuclear deal with Iran, spurring Republicans to urge other Democrats to defy the administration and vote against the agreement. “I will vote to disapprove the agreement…because I believe Iran will not change, and under this agreement it will be able to achieve its dual goals of eliminating sanctions while ultimately retaining its nuclear and non-nuclear power,” Schumer said in announcing his opposition.

Two House Democrats – Eliot Engel of New York and Brad Sherman of California – have joined Schumer in opposing the deal. Back in the Senate, Robert Menendez of New Jersey then became the second Democratic Senator to declare his opposition to the President’s deal with Iran. “I have looked into my own soul and my devotion to principle may once again lead me to an unpopular course, but if Iran is to acquire a nuclear bomb, it will not have my name on it,” Menendez said. “It is for these reasons that I will vote to disapprove the agreement and, if called upon, would vote to override a veto.”

Commending honor where honor is due

What Sen. Menendez has said here is an important lesson in honor to all Americans. Placing personal conviction and principle above popularity, electability, party cronyism, and knee-jerk solidarity is rare in the political climate which has plagued federal effectiveness in recent years. The senator is to be commended for this display of integrity.

What lies ahead…

How important the statements of these four Democrats may or may not be will play out in the next two months. The voting deadline for Congress’s endorsement of the proposed treaty is September 17. While it is expected that both the House and Senate will oppose the deal, the president is likely to exercise his veto power to keep the treaty alive. At that point, the pact would have to receive a “supermajority” – two thirds of the votes in both houses – to override the President’s veto. That would be 67 senators and 290 representatives. Hence, the frantic vote-counting.

What will Iran get if Congress fails to override the President’s veto? 

Time to pray!

God’s Word says, “Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroys much good.” (Ecclesiastes 9:18)

Pray today:

Dr. Tom Askew has been an educator in both public and private schools for over forty years, in both the U.S. and overseas. He is currently doing educational consulting and instruction for Christian schools in Arizona. 

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  1. Eddie says:

    Ephraim feeds on the wind, and pursues the east wind; he daily increases lies and desolation. Also they make a covenant with the Assyrians and oil is carried to Egypt. HOSEA 12:1

    In like manner America chases the wind trying to secure a deal with Iran. Lies and abound and desolation awaits in this matter.

    The Middle East is not impressed. The world is saddened.

    “If you will return, O Israel”, says the Lord. “Return to Me.” JEREMIAH 4:1-2

  2. Rick Jones says:

    Concerning the article, “Pater, Paul, and Ernest”, who or what entities have ‘borrowed’ or have had allocated Social Security funds? I have heard this before, but I have not been told what groups or program are taking SS money. Are these groups supposed to repay the funds at some point?

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