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Morality in America

Morality in America

When studying the founding of the United States, you can’t help but encounter the faith of the nation’s forefathers. Time and again they recognized God’s hand in the shaping of America. You will find Him repeatedly mentioned in their words and documents. And you will find Him having an active, vibrant role in the country’s early history.

Today, God continues His work in America – but it’s in a nation that has clearly lost its moral compass. Every week, “Morality in America” will address the myriad of moral concerns facing the United States and undermining its Godly heritage:

  • Sanctity of life – abortion and euthanasia.
  • Sanctity of marriage – same-sex marriage and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.
  • Sanctity of the family – divorce, spousal and child abuse, out-of-wedlock pregnancies and absentee fathers.
  • Judicial activism (Supreme and lower court decisions).
  • Revisionist education in the public schools.
  • The perceived rise of Socialism and one-world government trends.
  • Attacks and media bias against Christianity.

And much more…

After you read, remember to intercede in prayer for America – that this nation will return to the Christian standards that once defined it.

Aim For The Center

Is the Right letting the Left waste money?

By Louie Christensen

If you’ve seen a sci-fi movie or played a video game in the past twenty years you know the only way to destroy the Final Boss, or take down the Death Star is to find its one glaring weak spot in its otherwise impenetrable defense. The weak spot is always a surprisingly unprotected glowing red spot at the center of the machine. All the extremities and outer walls are simply distractions; you know none of it matters…you know you have to destroy the core to take the whole thing down.

While the logic makes sense in the fictitious world, why doesn’t the same logic carry over into the real world? Why does the government waste so much of its ammunition on the peripheral problems, when it should be setting its sights on the core? What is the core problem facing the nation anyway?

The Tea Party might say “the liberals” are the core issue, the liberals might say “conservatives,” but, when the real issues are all lined up and dissected …the real problem becomes glaringly clear, the core issue is poverty.

Every negative statistic a community can face, from crime to obesity, is magnified among the impoverished in America. So what is the American government doing to aim its sight at this core issue? Arthur Brooks, the author of several books and president of the American Enterprise Institute, thinks the government isn’t doing enough. “Right now,” he says, “the biggest problem we have is that the Left talks an awful lot about poverty alleviation, but the policies don’t work very well. The Right, on the other hand, is simply not talking very much about approaches to help those in poverty.”

Maybe you don’t think you care about the issue of poverty, maybe you think they need to pick themselves up…but the truth of the matter is that you do care, you just aren’t aware of it. Do you want to see crime rates drop? Do you wish health care costs were lower? Obesity, smoking, and sexually transmitted diseases are all at their highest rates among the poor.

Do the words “Planned Parenthood” make you clench your fists in anger? Teen pregnancy is really only that big of an issue among the poor. Does it break your heart when you hear stories about foster children fading away in an overloaded system, or young boys trying to win the approval of a father figure through gang violence? The list goes on, but the issue at the center of it all is poverty.

While the thought of more government spending may send shivers down your spine, the truth is that the money is already being spent, and it will continue to be spent…it’s just being spent in a wasteful and inefficient way. What’s the solution? Arthur Brooks has already pointed it out. The Left continues to push for wide sweeping legislation, and keeps all-encompassing programs alive in hopes of maximizing the government’s outreach, while the Right stands idly by stubbornly shaking its head. The truth is there will always be government spending, and unless the Right embraces that fact and starts helping the Left come up with more targeted strategies to help cut costs, the budget deficit will only grow.

The church is the perfect model for this targeted system, if you think about what tithing looks like. The church—well really God—asks for 10 percent of what you make. It keeps whatever portion it needs to stay open and functional, and does it automatically disperse the rest of the money among the families that fall into the lowest 20 percent income range? No, it saves the money until someone from the congregation really needs it.

Churches all over the nation have helped families with everything from mortgage payments to college funds. Furthermore, families will personally reach out to those in need within the church. All this being said, the church is really good at making sure money is not wasted so those who are really in need will have ample funds to pull themselves back up. Why not try and establish the same kind of spending system in the government instead of wishfully hoping for no spending? It’s a bold idea, but Christ called for Christians to be bold.

This week don’t just pray for the poor, go help them as Christ calls you to do. Pray for those in charge of writing legislation, pray for wisdom and for successful programs designed to target the problem not just face it.

Louie Christensen is a recent graduate of the University of Arizona. He works as an Account Executive in Scottsdale Arizona.

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  1. This reminds me of what Mother Teresa had to say about government “help” for the poor. And she was an expert about poverty and the poor.

    True help for the poor can only come from caring people – saturated with love. Agape love. The government is utterly unable to love. (Which is probably why its “help” only enslaves the poor to a dependent lifestyle.)

    If 10% is good enough for the church, then surely it would be good enough for our government’s actual job – as stipulated in our founding documents. But that is not the case since our various governments take about half of the income of middle-class taxpayers. So government has usurped most of the funds that we would rightly otherwise give to the charities of our choice. And happily so, as a Christian’s choices would most likely not be the government’s choices(with no benefit redounding to the perpetrators of this system).

    Nevertheless, we can give what we can, and I suspect if we all gave our “first fruits” first, God would multiply that in a way that we cannot imagine.


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