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Morality in America

Morality in America

When studying the founding of the United States, you can’t help but encounter the faith of the nation’s forefathers. Time and again they recognized God’s hand in the shaping of America. You will find Him repeatedly mentioned in their words and documents. And you will find Him having an active, vibrant role in the country’s early history.

Today, God continues His work in America – but it’s in a nation that has clearly lost its moral compass. Every week, “Morality in America” will address the myriad of moral concerns facing the United States and undermining its Godly heritage.  After you read, remember to intercede in prayer for America – that this nation will return to the Christian standards that once defined it.

Praying For America

Morality in America

Lord, Hear Our Cry!

By Diann Noles

Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day.” – I Kings 8:28

Lord, Hear Our Cry is the theme for the 64th annual National Day of Prayer (NDP) on May 7, 2015. An annual event since 1952, NDP invites people of all faiths to join in prayer on behalf of America. “It is a crucial time for us to individually and collectively seek God’s divine intervention for the challenges facing us,” says Rev. Franklin Graham, CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and a past NDP Honorary Chairman.

This year’s NDP Task Force has selected Dr. Jack Graham, senior pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, a mega-church in Plano, Texas, as the 2015 Honorary Chairman. Graham, a former two-term president of the Southern Baptist Convention, will lead the nation in prayer in Washington, D.C.

Shirley Dobson, Chair of the NDP Task Force announced Graham’s selection in October 2014. “I’m so pleased to have Pastor Jack Graham serving with me as our 2015 honorary chairman. And together, we are calling our great nation to repentance and prayer.” She added, “We would like to invite all Christians to cry out together with us on May 7, asking God to bring us spiritual awakening in America.”

Spiritual awakening and repentance have been major themes in the NDPs call to action; but this year brings a new sense of urgency as Christians in America see religious freedoms evaporating.

“I believe our nation is in trouble today, probably more than I’ve seen in my lifetime. We are contending with issues that are causing the very foundation of our country to crumble,” writes Rev. Graham. “Our moral and spiritual roots are eroding, the economy is misleading, family life is disintegrating, and political forces are at unprecedented odds. There seem to be very few leaders who will take a stand for God and for His Word.”

Dobson agrees: “We have lost many of our freedoms in America because we have been asleep. I feel if we do not become involved and support the annual National Day of Prayer, we could end up forfeiting this freedom, too.”

As dark as things may seem, America’s religious leaders see hope…hope through prayer. Dr. Graham reminds Americans that kingdoms and nations throughout history have risen and fallen on prayer. “God’s kingdom is the one kingdom—the one and only kingdom—that rules over all others,’” Graham said. “And amazingly, prayer connects us, gives us a welcome audience with Almighty God, the one true God who reigns over every ruler, authority and nation.”

In a call to collective prayer, the NDP Task Force is asking churches, ministries, and organizations for their help by hosting events. Several thousand rallies, citywide prayer services and worship services are planned throughout America. Nationally, Dr. Graham will be offering the following prayer which will be read simultaneously throughout the country:

Heavenly Father,

We come to You in the Name that is above every name—Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Our hearts cry out to You. Knowing that You are a prayer-answering, faithful God—the One we trust in times like these—we ask that You renew our spirits, revive our churches, and heal our land.

We repent of our sins and ask for Your grace and power to save us. Hear our cry, oh God, and pour out Your Spirit upon us that we may walk in obedience to Your Word. We are desperate for Your tender mercies. We are broken and humbled before You.

Forgive us, and in the power of Your great love, lift us up to live in Your righteousness. We pray for our beloved nation. May we repent and return to You and be a light to the nations. And we pray for our leaders and ask that You give them wisdom and faith to follow You. Preserve and protect us, for You are our refuge and only hope. Deliver us from all fears except to fear You, and may we courageously stand in the Truth that sets us free. We pray with expectant faith and grateful hearts.

In Jesus' name, our Savior. Amen.

This week, pray:

Diann Noles is a former editor and writer for Christian publications in Tucson, AZ and Portland, OR. She now serves as Public Relations Director for a major Christian non-profit organization. She and her husband Bill live in Tucson, AZ and have two sons and four grandchildren.

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  1. Lord, Hear Our Cry! Raise up in the hearts of our leaders a desire to know You more deeply and follow Your will more closely. Draw them to you. In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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