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Morality in America

Morality in America

When studying the founding of the United States, you can’t help but encounter the faith of the nation’s forefathers. Time and again they recognized God’s hand in the shaping of America. You will find Him repeatedly mentioned in their words and documents. And you will find Him having an active, vibrant role in the country’s early history.

Today, God continues His work in America – but it’s in a nation that has clearly lost its moral compass. Every week, “Morality in America” will address the myriad of moral concerns facing the United States and undermining its Godly heritage.  After you read, remember to intercede in prayer for America – that this nation will return to the Christian standards that once defined it.

Pyro Political Protesters

Morality in America

Making your argument with arson might be a miscalculation

By Jim Ray

If you wanted to investigate a suspicious fire, you wanted John Orr. He was—hands down—the best. Orr, the Chief Arson Investigator for the Glendale, California, Fire Department, seemed almost born for the job. And with every new fire, Orr’s stature grew. Arriving on the scene of a blaze, he had what seemed like a sixth-sense about how to fight a fire, and he was spectacularly good at sniffing out the causes.

There was a reason for that, as authorities later discovered. It turned out that Orr was the one setting the fires! He surreptitiously scorched scores of residences, hardware stores and retail shops. He even burned down the set of the Walton’s television show on the Warner Brothers’ studio lot. Ultimately, Orr was believed to be responsible for some 2,000 fires, multiple deaths, and millions of dollars in damage, and he is now recognized as one of the most infamous and prolific arsonists ever.

 John Orr is now doing life in the California State Prison, but his philosophy of promotion by pyromania has been adopted by political protestors who don’t much like America’s selection of the next president. But is setting fire to things going to help anything? And who, exactly, is fanning the flames?

 It started immediately after Donald J. Trump’s election. In Oakland, protesters attacked police with Molotov cocktails, rocks and fireworks, torched a local business, and set dozens of fires. In Los Angeles, a giant piñata head of Trump was burned in effigy. American flags were burned by students at American University in the District of Columbia, and in Philadelphia and Portland, Oregon.

 Now, protesters are marshaling forces for what they hope will be a massive demonstration when the new president is sworn-in. "The people are going to fight back against the Trump agenda from day one," said Walter Smolarek, a protest organizer.

 A group called the Answer Coalition ("Answer" is an acronym for "Act Now to Stop War and End Racism") is orchestrating the inauguration day campaign. "Progressive people from all over the country will be descending on Washington, D.C. on January 20, 2017 to stage a massive demonstration along Pennsylvania Avenue on Inauguration Day," the organization says on its website. "It is critically important that we keep building a larger grassroots movement against war, militarism, racism, anti-immigrant scapegoating and neoliberal capitalism’s assault against workers’ living standards and the environment."

 But a closer look at the Answer Coalition reveals that the organization is a lot more than just an anti-Trump movement. In a 2003 investigation, the New York Times—not widely renowned as a particularly conservative publication—found that the Answer Coalition has clear communist underpinnings. "Some of the group's chief organizers are active in the Workers World Party," the Times noted, "a radical Socialist group with roots in the Stalin-era Soviet Union. The party has taken positions that include defense of the Iraqi and North Korean governments and support for Slobodan Milosevic, the former Yugoslav president [then] being tried on war crimes charges."

 For those keeping score, Stalin killed 20 million people. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein murdered 250,000. Nobody really knows how many the North Korean regime has killed so far, but it numbers in the millions by any estimate. And Milosevic tried to exterminate an entire ethnic group.

 Yet the signature goal of the Answer Coalition is, and has always been, to get rid of Israel and advance anti-Semitism. The organization has "repeatedly expressed support for terrorist groups determined to dismantle the state of Israel, including Hamas and Hezbollah" notes the Anti-Defamation League. Even Hillary Clinton was targeted by the Answer Coalition because she expressed support for Israel. "We will continue to fight her and the apartheid state of Israel until all of Palestine is free," said an Answer spokesman during the recent campaign.

 Accordingly, those who sign up with the Answer Coalition to protest on inauguration day will be aligning themselves, perhaps unwittingly, with a communistic group that supports the most notorious human rights abusers in the history of mankind—and an organization virulently opposed to Israel, the nation about whom God said "for he who touches you touches the apple of his eye." (Zechariah 2:8)

 Which is to say, think carefully before starting that fire.


  1.  Pray for the peaceful transition of power in the coming months.

Jim Ray is a writer, fundraiser and consultant. He and his wife Stacey have two children and reside in Nashville, TN.

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