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In today’s media-saturated America, everyone has an opinion. From Bill O’Reilly to Chris Matthews, Rush Limbaugh to Rachel Maddow – there is no shortage of viewpoints. But how many of those perspectives bring you back to a place of passionate, persistent prayer for the nation?

“Viewpoint” allows the expression on the political, social and moral issues of the day. At times, you may not agree. But in the end, you will be energized to pray for America, with the prism of Scripture and a decidedly Godly direction as your guide. Plus, you can blog your comments to every article, have your say.

Read – then pray with an enlightened, more informed viewpoint for your nation and its leaders. 

Heeding the Warning

View Point

ISIS threat against the U.S. looms large

By Dave Ficere

As early as 1932, Winston Churchill warned Britain and the entire Western world about the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. One of the strongest caveats ever given by a politician was virtually ignored throughout the 1930s until it was too late and World War II became a foregone conclusion.

The tragic lesson of history this was that the world failed to listen as Hitler conquered portions of Europe and seriously threatened the entire continent. In his detailed biography of Churchill, author Martin Gilbert points out that less than one month before World War II began, the British Parliament went on a two-month vacation!

Similar warnings are being issued today over a new enemy: ISIS, also known as the Islamic State. Just two weeks ago, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, warned that the United States is “certainly vulnerable” to the ISIS terror group. “Their tens of thousands of sympathizers see it as a winning organization,” Johnson warned, adding “The U.S. must defeat it.”

“The best strategy the U.S. can employ to defeat this is [to] actually defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria so that the reality is conveyed that this is not a winning organization, it is a losing organization,” Johnson, said on CNN's State of the Union.

According to The Christian Post, Johnson cited the recent shooting at a cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, as an example of an ISIS-inspired attack that led its sympathizers to think the group is winning the terror wars, especially in this day of high profile social media.

“There are between 46,000 and 90,000 Twitter accounts that support ISIS,” Johnson noted. “Now, Twitter is starting to shut those things down,” he said, “But just consider maybe 90,000 people drawn to this barbaric ideology. So we have got a very large haystack. We're looking for a needle in it.”

Stemming the use of social media by the Islamic State to recruit followers in the United States is difficult and could set off more privacy concerns, acknowledges New York Representative Peter King.

“We are making some progress as far as slowing it down,” the Republican member of the House Homeland Security Committee, told MSNBC. “For instance, Facebook and Twitter will take it down when it reaches [an] incitement of violence level, but again, it's already been up a while. And mainly what we have to do is find a way to get it at the source, to get it, and that will be tough,” he added.

So what can be done to heed the warnings?

King thinks members of the Muslim community need to step up and become more cooperative when it comes to keeping track of threats.

“All they do is complain about the fact that they're being harassed and surveilled,” King told MSNBC. “If we keep that attitude up, we'll get nowhere. The Muslim community has to realize a lot of the responsibility lies with them to cooperate with law enforcement.”

According to FBI Director James Comey, ISIS is attempting to recruit “hundreds, maybe thousands” of potential terrorists across the country and some experts believe that ISIS is a greater threat to the U.S. than al-Qaeda was in the days leading up to and immediately after the September 11, 2001 terror attack.

“We're in much more serious circumstances today than we were after 9/11,” former secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge told CNN.

“Remember, back then we thought about al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan and a few other places? Well, we've seen al-Qaeda metastasize,” Ridge said. “It is now a global scourge. And you have the ascendancy of ISIL. The combination of those two groups — their appeal to the lone wolfs and we see them acting in Belgium and in France and in Canada and the United States, so the threat factors and the nature of the threats are far more complicated and far more serious today than on Sept. 12, 2001.”

So the question remains, will Congress, the Obama administration, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Border Patrol and others in leadership positions heed the warnings? Will they implement policies that protect the U.S. from another 9/11-type attack? Or will history repeat itself as it did in the months and years leading up to World War II? “Those who ignore history,” Santayana warned, “are doomed to repeat it.”

Pray today, that God will protect America against the scourge of ISIS and the terror threat that looms on the horizon. Pray, as well, for those in leadership positions as they guide and direct this nation.

A lifelong journalist and former radio personality, Dave Ficere writes on a wide array of topics for various media including newspapers, magazines, websites and newsletters. The owner of his own writing business, Dave is married to Patt and lives in Phoenix, AZ.

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  1. Please keep the American citizens safe.

  2. Good article. Very much like WWII. It may already be too late to stop this ISIS train.
    Pray the President will wake up.

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