“The Heartbleed Bug" - Recent news reports exposed a vulnerability in specific online encryption software. The Prayer Team does not use that specific encryption software and wishes to make it very clear that this security issue did not affect our web site or our online contribution systems and we remain safe and secure.



Our mission for providing tools as a catalyst for prayer incorporates many resources. From books and videos to worship music and prayer journals, we have collected an extensive collection of available resources on behalf of our members to support and encourage prayer for our nation, our president, and our leaders.

To support our members, our commitment is to provide you with selected items that will enrich your prayer life, educate you about our nation and its Christian heritage, and inspire you to dedicate yourself to praying for our country and president.

In addition, we strive to maintain the highest standards in product quality, customer service and delivery. Importantly, while your donations will make a critical contribution to our ministry, value to our members is also of the highest importance.

The Official PPT Book Store